General terms and conditions

  • Reservations exclusively through the website. It is not possible by telephone or via Whatsapp.
  • Booking is only valid if the payment on the account.
  • You will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail and it should show you.
  • Your booking is ready from 09:00 am to 18:00 hours on the reserved date.
  • The Beachman reserves the right to judge whether the beach to open.
  • You cannot just book individual items only lounge sets.
  • A booking does not include preferred spots.
  • Due to the purchase of the Sun, at least 1 day in advance.
  • You cannot cancel a reservation or move.
  • Your reservation includes the lounge set included that you wish.
  • A reservation is only for the rental of a lounge set.
  • You are responsible for the destruction of a lounge set.
  • Keep dogs on the ground, we are happy to keep our mattresses clean.
  • Above 23 knots we keep the doors closed.
  • Zeevlam is at your own risk.
  • We try to take into account people with walking difficulties.
  • We do not give money back.

At the reserved day, log on to the Beach Crew at the beach rental and they take you to your reserved lounge set for a wonderful day on the beach!


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